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10 Places to Use Paint or Wallpaper to Create a Fun Design Moment

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2. Floors

Painting a wood floor takes some serious consideration and commitment, but boy does it make a stylish impact. Typically, most people wouldn’t want their entire home’s wood floors to be painted, so this application usually works best in more confined or intimate spaces, like bedrooms, sunrooms or entryways.

Keep in mind that removing paint from a wood floor isn’t easy. It requires electric sanders or hand-scraping and solvents and, if done incorrectly, can damage the floor. So always work or consult with a professional first, and give it some deep thought.

If your wood floor is a bit dented and scuffed and will need replacing at some point anyway — either by you or a future homeowner — paint can work wonders in revitalizing the look of a wood floor by hiding imperfections and evening out dents and gouges. The less sheen a paint has, the less you’ll notice undulations and dings in the boards.

If your floors are stained dark, painting the floors white, as in the bedroom shown here, will brighten up the room and create the illusion of more space, perfect for rooms with less square footage.

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