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9 Lawn Care Tips and Tricks to Prep for the Spring and Summer

9 Lawn Care Tips and Tricks to Prep for the Spring and Summer

Far more than 3-quarters of Americans who have a property, which is about 76%, say that their yard is a person of the most important characteristics of their household. A garden has grow to be substantially much more than just a spot that appears great.

Now, house owners are using their yards as get the job done-from-household areas, as very well as spaces to relax or have fun with their family members. They will even eat dinner in their yards and watch movies.

For the reason that of this change, more men and women are prepared to set money into their garden house and use garden care ideas and tricks. Not only do they want it to look pretty, but it also needs to be a purposeful and relaxed area.

A single of the most crucial elements of lawn treatment is prepping for the spring and summertime seasons. If you want to keep your lawn looking nice, read our tutorial beneath for some suggestions on prep.


9 Lawn Care Tips and Tricks to Prep for the Spring and Summer


1. Use a Lawn Aerator

If the grass on your garden looks compacted down, you may perhaps need to use a lawn aerator. This can normally take place if you get a good deal of website traffic in your lawn, these as with children functioning and participating in.

Aeration opens up spots of your garden to allow h2o and air to get into the soil and roots. Usually, garden aerating in spring is discouraged mainly because it creates aeration holes that are excellent for weeds to germinate.

However, if you see moss increasing in your lawn, or your soil is so compacted that the grass just can’t expand, you may be pressured to aerate in the spring. If this is the situation, test to do so all over Memorial Working day, which is typically when weeds get started rising.

You can rent a lawn aerator at a house enhancement store if you have a larger sized garden, or you can use a hand aerator for a scaled-down yard.

2. Rake Carefully

One particular of the most very important garden treatment suggestions you will uncover is deeply raking your yard. This is an essential task to do at the commencing of spring, the moment you find every little thing turning green and your grass and crops take root.

Raking the soil in your lawn will aid put together the land for new development. This can aid to take out thatch in your lawn, which is lifeless turfgrass tissues that get lodged amongst the grass and root system.

Raking carefully can assistance crack up any remaining turfgrass that was made for the duration of the final year.

Instead than applying a rake with rigid steel tines, go with a more flexible leaf rake to break up the thatch.


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3. Evaluate Your Soil

When hunting for lawn treatment guidelines to get prepared for spring, you are going to uncover examining the acidity of your soil is important. This is especially real if you uncover any moss in your yard.

Moss is a indication of acidic soil, which can lessen the range of nutrients located in the soil and can produce dangerous features.

To uncover the acidity amount of your soil, you are going to need to ship in a soil sample to your regional cooperative extension office environment. They will exam the soil for you and offer you with information and facts on how to get your soil back again to a neutral pH stage.

Normally, this will have to have applying a certain quantity of limestone to your soil employing a fertilizer fall spreader.

4. Tune Up Your Mower

Early spring is the ideal time to company your lawnmower, making certain it will final you by the summer months.

It is not plenty of just to fill it with gasoline. You will want to tune it up, specifically if you haven’t utilised it considering the fact that past wintertime.

Adjust the oil, spark plug, and air filters. Clear away any grime or grass clippings from the undercarriage, and clean out the top. Often recall to take away the spark plug right before cleansing all-around the blades.

Sharpen the blades, or switch them if they have tons of nicks or chips. This will result in you much less work, as dull blades really don’t perform as proficiently.

And lastly, cost the battery and fill the tank with gasoline. You’ll be glad you did when the springtime mowing year begins.

If you’d alternatively not do all of this operate oneself, you can usually just take it into a store and have them do it for you. Be organized to fork out a highly-priced value for this service, on the other hand.

Although you’re at it, it is also a wonderful time to ensure your sprinklers perform. Exam them all, and simply call a experienced if you believe they need to be fixed or replaced.


9 Lawn Care Tips and Tricks to Prep for the Spring and Summer


5. Tackle Bare Patches 

Bare patches are a very frequent prevalence, and there are garden treatment techniques you can use to overcome them. 1 of the most typical is to overseed.

Whilst overseeding is normally accomplished in the drop, it is usually important to do it in the springtime as well. Bare patches can be brought on by pet dog places, neglect, or hefty website traffic, and winter is a common time for these bare patches to appear.

To overseed, you implement seeds all over your property, not just on the bare spots. This will persuade thick and wholesome grass to expand all around and will introduce new grass seeds to your present grass.

When you overseed on the bare patches, implement a nitrogen fertilizer that has a slow-launch attribute.

It is imperative that you preserve the new seed continually moist and moist for about five months. This will motivate rapid and healthier progress.

Soon after that five-week interval, you can use a normal fertilization regimen to take care of the new seed.

6. Use Fertilizer  

Fertilizing your garden is an crucial aspect of prepping your lawn, as it can give you that jumpstart your plants will need so you can get started to see them thrive.

You have quite a few distinctive choices for fertilizer, ranging from home made to retail outlet-bought. If you choose a more normal fertilizer, you can use compost or chopped-up garden clippings. Even so, these will not get you the rapid-acting benefits that the retailer-bought chemical fertilizer would.

It is suggested that you do only gentle fertilization in the spring and a far more thorough just one in the drop. Also substantially fertilizer in the spring can cause a weed infestation or lead to plant disease, and your lawn is probable to have some leftover fertilizer from your fall session.


9 Lawn Care Tips and Tricks to Prep for the Spring and Summer


7. Drinking water Properly 

To obtain the healthiest grass, you need to h2o your lawn effectively. If you are looking for garden care ideas to get all set for summertime, this is one particular of the most important ones.

Exploration the basic garden water requirements, and phone your nearby water authority to see what they advocate in terms of irrigation. It is finest to water your garden deeply and infrequently.

Watering it much too substantially can trigger just as significantly injury as watering it not sufficient, so it is vital to set up a routine to continue to keep your grass as healthier as achievable.

8. Stop and Put together for Weeds

Spring and summer months carry tons of development, which is frequently a good issue. Nonetheless, when it arrives to weeds, this point can be a significant nuisance.

To avoid and put together for weeds, find solutions you can use to enable spray and eliminate any crabgrass, clover, dollarweed, or basic weeds that are creeping up all-around your lawn.

It’s also a great time to appear for an insect infestation your property could be residence to, these kinds of as fire ants. There are numerous products and solutions you can obtain that are specifically made to target these problems.


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9. Thoroughly clean Up 

When you are considering of garden prep, you may perhaps ignore that you need to have to clean up up right before essentially addressing your grass and soil.

Winter is a time when most factors get neglected, which is frequently true for goods these types of as particles in your garden, toys, pet dog droppings, and litter in basic.

When starting your spring prep, make positive to think about the time it will just take you to thoroughly clean everything up. This is a excellent time to throw away or get rid of anything at all that is not staying used so that you can make place for your new machines and spring decorations.


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Prepping your lawn for different seasons can look like a significant enterprise, especially if you are a to start with-time garden proprietor. Still, it does not have to be tricky, specifically if you use these lawn treatment strategies and methods.

Make your existence easier, and really do not wait until eventually the final minute. Garden treatment prep is necessary since it stops issues in advance of they occur. If you need more support, really don’t wait to get to out to a expert.

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