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Designer Ron Wolz marries color and tradition in classic Glenview home


By Ellie Kemper
Photos provided by Bittners


When Ron Wolz, vice president of the Residential Design Group at Bittners, first encountered his clients’ new Glenview home last summer, he was tasked with transforming a traditional, muted house into a vibrant and family-friendly oasis. In only three months, Wolz fulfilled his clients’ wishes and produced a gorgeous home. We spoke with Wolz to learn more about this transformation and his inspiration for the charming interior design.

After working in the interior design industry for 16 years, Wolz is accustomed to meeting hard deadlines. This particular renovation, however, was completed in an exceptionally short period of time. “It was surprising,” said Wolz, adding that the entire process took only a couple of months. He explained, “My clients acquired the house late last summer and we did a record-paced renovation. By the end of August, they were hosting a party.” Wolz and his contractor, Terry Hagerman, expedited their design and construction processes to present their clients with the finished product just a few months after they purchased the home.

When working to create the perfect environment for his clients, Wolz draws inspiration from their lifestyle and aesthetic preferences. For this project, Wolz explained that, “The wife loves vibrant color, so my task was to meld the very classical architecture into something that seemed a little more modern.” Wolz included pops of color in every room of the house, and some rooms are primarily characterized by their bright wallpaper. Whether in artwork, curtains or throw pillows, Wolz utilized colorful accents in every part of the home. Wolz said, “It’s important, even when I am doing a very traditional design, to give the house personality.” He continued to reiterate the value of respecting the clients’ vision and ensuring that his work “reflects the personality of the homeowners.” Wolz said, “I want them to feel comfortable in the space and I think I achieved that.”

One of the most notable aspects of this house is the curated artwork scattered throughout. “What stands out to me the most is how well their collection of art shows in the house,” explained Wolz. Each piece is unique and displays rich colors that complement the color palette of the home. As Wolz put it, “All the pieces tell a story.” He continued to say, “We collected pieces from local artists that represent Kentucky and the love we have for being here.” The most distinctive artwork in the house is found in a beautifully arranged, 16-piece collection in the entry hall. These individual, multimedia pieces were made by the talented Letitia Quesenberry. Wolz explained, “We selected the pieces that appealed to the customer the most. We have actually added to the collection since they’ve been there.”

In addition to the one-of-a-kind pieces Wolz collected for the home, many features make this house an ideal family-friendly environment. Wolz said, “This is a wonderful house for entertaining. The open floor plan, pool and outdoor kitchen, outdoor ping pong, theater room, and bar offer homeowners countless reasons to host gatherings for friends and family.” This home is one that Wolz is especially pleased with, concluding, “It is simply an oasis.”

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