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BMW X7 By Lumma Design Adds Aggressive Body Kit For $18k

Interior tweaks and massive wheels are part of the package, too.

For those affluent SUV shoppers seeking a bit more aggression from the BMW X7, Lumma design feels your pain. The German-based tuning company announced its tweaked CLR X7 last October, and now the company is ready to begin sales for its punched-up people mover.

To refresh your memory, the aesthetic changes come from a Lumma body kit as well as custom interior treatments and, naturally, a massive set of wheels. On the outside, Lumma widens the already wide X7 by two inches (50 millimeters) per side. Up front, the wheel arch extensions flank the X7’s fascia and offer integrated air inlets for brake cooling. A front spoiler at the base of the fascia features a cup blade that gives the X7 a slightly lower stance.


A diffuser with both a spoiler lip and a roof spoiler adds drama to the rear. The flared fender arches front and rear are connected with rocker trim in the middle, and a monochromatic finish completes the menacing look. Or rather, that almost completes the look.

One doesn’t add a widebody kit without pumping up the wheel and tire size, and in that department, Lumma actually plus-sized itself since the original CLR X7 announcement. In addition to 23-inch wheels, the company now offers 24-inch rollers shod with steamroller-spec 355-series tires at the rear, and 295-series rubber at the front. The 23-inch wheels are still offered as the “entry-level” choice, but it’s not like you’ll go unnoticed with either option.

When it comes to the interior, a three-piece aluminum pedal set with Lumma floor mats are common across the line. From there, customization abounds with Lumma basically saying the sky is the limit for interior materials and colors.

With order books now open, Lumma’s CLR X7 body kit starts at €16,750, which translates to approximately $18,000 in U.S. currency. That price includes the 23-inch wheels, but doesn’t include installation, painting, or custom interior work.

Source: Lumma Design

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