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Glenview Patch Honors High School Graduates: Class Of 2020

GLENVIEW, IL — Glenview Patch wants to share the achievements of local high school graduates by putting them in the spotlight over the next few weeks. Due to the coronavirus, in-person instruction has canceled the rest of the 2019-2020 school year in Illinois. We know these wonderful seniors are missing out on some of the last moments of the school year.

We hope that this will give the community a way to share their pride in our Class of 2020 high school graduates. You can find the form here if you’d like to add your graduate. Patch will be updating this form until May 31.

Here are a few more Glenview Class of 2020 high school graduates:

Ryan Mulroy, Loyola Academy

Ryan was involved with the Golf team, choir and journalism. Ryan will attend the University of Miami (Florida).

Message from the family: “Congratulations, Ryan! We are so proud of you. The sky’s the limit!! Love, Mom, Dad, Jack & Thomas.”

Piotr Jankowski, Glenbrook South

Piotr was a swimmer and member of the water polo team. He will be attending the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.

Message from the family: “Piotr we are really proud of your accomplishments and wish you wonderful college experience.”

Mia Merchant, Glenbrook South

Photo submitted

Mia is the Opinions Editor for Oracle and the Prose Editor for Calliope ( the literary arts magazine). She will be attending NorthEastern University in Boston and is interested in a Journalism.

Message from the family: “Congratulations Mia- you have had an amazing journey in high school and have done us proud! We are so excited for your next venture and have full confidence that you will achieve your goals- so go out there and reach for the stars! Love and best wishes- mom and dad.”

Avery Jerva, Glenbrook South

Photo by Mia Jerva

Avery was involved with Soccer, Titans Helping Titans and Community Service. She will be attending the Grainger College of Engineering at the University of Illinois.

Message from the family: “Avery, Words can not express how proud we are of all that you have accomplished. This year did not end like we had expected, but you have made the best of it and thrived. I can’t wait to see how you will flourish in the future. We love you!”

Lorelei Streb, Glenbrook South

Photo by Aubrey Streb

Lorelai was involved in tennis, fencing (was the Women’s Foil Team Captain, earned 8th place and then fenced later to 5th in state and 8th in the Midwest), lacrosse, rowing, Yearbook, Oracle, Assistant Director for 2 plays, Honor Society. She will attend DePaul University for Chinese Studies

Message from the family: “Lorelei you are an incredible young woman and we could not be more proud of you! Your accomplishments at GBS were AMAZING – we don’t know how you did it!”

Bella Alfaro, Glenbrook South

Photo submitted

Bella enjoyed dance, yearbook and photography. Bella will be studying Marketing and Business at NIU and excited to be there this fall.

Message from the family: “We love you Bella and are so proud of the young lady you’ve become. We are excited for your next journey and will always be here for you and support you now and forever. Bella, you will do.great things and.congradulatuons!”

Anna Musich, Glenbrook South

Photo by Susan Musich

Anna was involved with AP Photography and National Art Honor Society. She will attend Colorado State University.

Message from the family: “We are so proud of your academic and artistic accomplishments and know we will be just as proud of your successes at CSU.”

Kendall Smith, Glenbrook South

Photo submitted

Kendall Smith is a member of the National Honor Society. Kendall was captain of the volleyball team and led her team to the regional finals this past Fall. She will be attending Howard University to study Business and looks forward to playing D1 volleyball.

Message from the family: “Kendall we are extremely proud of your accomplishments throughout your high school years. We know that you are a true leader and we’re very proud of you. We love you very much, continue to use your talents to soar to new heights. Remember to order your steps and let God lead you to your destiny. We will always be here for you.”

Mary Katherine Daley, Glenbrook South

Mary was involved with Varsity Track and Field, Hunter/Jumper Equestrian and Crew/ Rowing. She will attend Butler University.

Message from the family: “Congratulations MK! On to another adventure – Andiamo!”

Emily Zingerman, Glenbrook South

Photo by Sasha Zingerman

Emily played water polo, was involved in a Book club, Israeli club, is also a member of FCCLA and NAHS. She will be attending Illinois State University to study interior design.

Message from the family: “We are beyond proud of you, Emily! We know you’ll do great things in the future! Continue to approach life with your typical determination, tenacity and, of course, your great sense of humor. We love you!”

Adair McMahon, Glenbrook South

Photo by Pauline McMahon

Adair was involved with Water Polo, Radio, PE Leader and TLC Tutor. She will be attending Colorado State University to study social work.

Message from the family: “You’ve had an amazing 4 years at GBS and know the next 4 will be equally fabulous. We are so very happy for you!! Love always, Mom,Dad, Brian, Kenny and Mikka.”

We will be running a new group each day as long as we receive submissions. Below is a link to the original story in case you missed it and where we’ve compiled all of them together. Thanks again for sending them in.

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