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Haute Design Welcomes Karlee Coble To Its Exclusive Haute Design Network

“You get senior level design from start to finish.”

The Haute Design Network, well known for its exclusive and luxurious lifestyle publication Haute Living, is privileged to present Karlee Coble as a member and expert in the interior design field. As a Haute Design partner, Karlee exclusively represents the Interior Design market of San Francisco, California.

Designed as a partnership-driven luxury design portal featuring two leading interior designers in each prominent market across the world, Haute Design focuses on growing its member’s brands as key influencers on design and deemed to be the best in their specific market.


Karlee Coble Interiors is an elevated interior design firm that specializes in luxury residential and commercial interiors. For the past 18 years, they have been celebrating the art of living and experiencing refined interior spaces. Their projects range from San Francisco to Seattle, including single family residences and urban hospitality.

They believe a proficient interior designer should understand the, “big picture” of the client’s design needs and guide them through the solutions and design process to construction completion. Karlee Coble Interiors provides a hands-on, highly experienced designer the entire way through the design to the final install without every compromising skill and expertise for the client. “You get senior level design from start to finish.” Discovering how the client lives in their space starts with a personal story of the resident and ends with an even better interior design telling their story.

Some of Karlee Coble Interiors’ services include space planning, project management, conceptual design, design development, furniture design and construction management. Specializing in urban and coastal markets, Karlee Coble herself, grew up near the sea and has a deep understanding for coastal life, urban life and the quality and importance of luxury interiors.

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