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How To Make The Most Of Your Epic System

Epic Systems Corporation, or Epic Medical System, is a medical software firm based in New Jersey. According to the company itself, hospitals that use its software currently hold 55% of all patients globally in the United States and just 2.5% of all patients worldwide in that same year. That statistic would be impressive on its own. But what’s remarkable is that Epic Systems is one of the few companies that offers both in-house and outsourced CRM software solutions. Epic Systems is one of the only companies that offers its customers access to the online source code of its CRM software and the ability to connect to and initiate remote patient data transfers.

Integrate With Other Software

As impressive as those statistics are, the real strength of Epic Systems is in its proven ability to integrate seamlessly with other, well-established enterprise software packages. Epic has developed many tools for integrating with established back-office systems like ACT and NetIO, as well as new systems like contact and ERP. What’s more, Epic’s CRM software can inter-operate and co-exist seamlessly with data entered into its secure online database. This type of cross-functional approach saves hospitals a great deal of time and money by permitting them to focus their efforts on providing excellent patient care and administrative work while leveraging the information and data already available in their databases.

For smaller hospitals and clinics, however, it can be somewhat more difficult to utilize CRM software programs. Perhaps because the interface to the system may be a little bit too complex, or because the available interface software doesn’t have all the features you need and want. This is where Epic’s customer support and technical assistance come into play. If you run a small local health care clinic and need help using your Epic Health Records Management Application, there are several options available to help you get started.

Epic Support Staff

One option is to contact the Epic support staff directly. They’re always available online to answer your questions and help you get started. Another option is to open an account with the Epic technical support team. This option benefits both small and large healthcare facilities because, in addition to receiving timely technical support, the Epic system is backed by a full range of online and phone support. This online support can come in handy when you need to track down the answers to questions that you may have about Epic, or if you find a mistake in the user guide or documentation. Online technical support can help the transition to a new Epic software system because it gives you a chance to try out the system first-hand before signing up for a long-term contract with Epic.

Online Video Tutorials

In addition to full online technical support, many Epic customers find that having access to online video tutorials can help when they’re learning to use the software. The online videos allow users to go through each step of using the Epic system, from installing the software to registering their details with the Epic portal. Video tutorials are beneficial for healthcare organizations with limited numbers of trained employees to man the Epic interface. Online video tutorials can also be a great way to interact with the Epic customer support team.

One of the best ways to make the most of the Epic systems is to sign up an account. Signing up will give healthcare organizations the ability to purchase and manage their data using their own data storage servers. Many Epic Direct clients are large hospitals or healthcare groups that require the system to be used in conjunction with Epic’s mainframe. This type of client may want to consider investing in Epic’s enterprise system, which can reduce costs and increase productivity. This article discusses some of the different ways that healthcare organizations can make the most of their Epic software.