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Hyundai unveils concept cabin for future IONIQ

Hyundai Motor Company has just shown the world its vision for in-car experiences for dedicated electric vehicles (EVs), revealing a cabin abundant in space and suited to various lifestyles.

Dubbed the IONIQ Concept Cabin, Hyundai’s futuristic car interior proposes the transformation of Hyundai vehicles from transportation to personalized mobility solution.

Combining the abundant interior space afforded by the new design with the high capacity of the battery power source, Hyundai hopes to partner with home electronics and appliances companies to create livable car interiors. The IONIQ Concept Cabin can be considered the first of these partnerships, as it was built in collaboration with LG Electronics.


With the help of Hyundai’s fellow South Korean multinational company, the cabin of Hyundai’s future EVs could soon carry features such as “Clothing Care” and “Shoes Butler” that allow customers to handle daily tasks on the go. The Concept also shows off a ceiling-mounted 77-inch flexible OLED screen, large enough for two people to watch different videos simultaneously. The system avoids any crosstalk in the audio, since sound is sent through headrest speakers that create a personal sound zone for each user.

Keeping the cabin spick-and-span is a floor cleaning robot along with the overhead UV LED lights that clean and disinfect the cabin automatically.

“The IONIQ Concept Cabin is one of a kind and an unprecedented approach to enhancing customer experience as it can be customized for different needs and lifestyles,” said Wonhong Cho, Executive Vice President and Global Chief Marketing Officer of Hyundai Motor Company. “Dedicated EVs will enable us to revolutionize the experience Hyundai delivers to its customers, empowering them to do more in and out of the vehicles.”

Hyundai intends to introduce at least a mass version of the IONIQ Concept Cabin in the IONIQ 5, an upcoming mid-size crossover scheduled for launch next year.

In earlier news, Hyundai announced that the IONIQ will no longer be a nameplate for the brand. Instead, the model will become its own brand, representing the South Korean carmaker’s dedicated electric vehicle (EV) lineup.

To support its vision for urban mobility, Hyundai showcased three smart mobility solutions comprising Urban Air Mobility, Purpose Built Vehicle and Hub, collectively known as UAM-PBV-Hub.

Photo/s from Hyundai

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