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Interior designers share 5 kitchen trends that’ll be huge this year and 4 that will be out

Though some design choices are on their way out, many are here to stay.Hendrickson Photography/Shutterstock; Apinya Kurakhan/Shutterstock

Black ranges will become more common.

Black kitchen range

Black kitchen ranges can make the room look elegant and sleek.David Papazian/Shutterstock

The kitchen designer Susan Serra of Susan Serra Associates, told Insider we should expect to see more black ranges in 2022.

“An uptick in black ranges reflects an elegant and dramatic focal point for the kitchen,” Serra said. “Tying in other black accents without an overabundance of black creates a look that is stylish yet easy to live with.”

Smaller black accents like knobs and handles can complement a dark-colored range and create a sleek look.

Open kitchens aren’t going anywhere.

Open-floor kitchen with wooden table

Open-concept kitchens are here to stay.Neil Podoll/Shutterstock

Open-concept kitchens are great for entertaining and multitasking, so it’s no surprise that they’re trendy.

“The open-plan concept is contingent on space, but generally, we are still seeing a desire for open floor plans,” Bob Bakes, cofounder of and head of design at Bakes & Kropp, told Insider.

“The need to separate the kitchens as a separate room is an old concept, and I don’t think it’s making its return quite yet.”

All-white kitchens could be dwindling.

All-white kitchen with arrows pointing to counter and cabinets

All-white kitchens require a lot of upkeep.Hendrickson Photography/Shutterstock

Though all-white kitchens have been popular, this clean and classic design choice might be disappearing soon.

“Pristine all-white, sleek, super-modern kitchens are on their way out because they tend to feel cold,” the designer Andrea Subotovsky at Italkraft told Insider. “Instead, we see more nude tones and taupes. These colors are popular because they’re light neutrals that will give you a clean, spa-like monochromatic look without it feeling so cold.

According to Subotovsky, the upkeep that goes into maintaining an all-white kitchen, like wiping down the countertops, cabinets, and floors, might also repel people from the design choice.

Kitchen islands will take center stage.

Kitchen with green checkmark pointing to island

Kitchen islands are great workspaces.Hendrickson Photography/Shutterstock

Kitchen islands often serve as a multipurpose hub, and their popularity is expected to increase in 2022.

Andra DelMonico, the lead interior designer at Trendey, believes that this trend is here to stay since islands offer extra workspace.

“The most popular are double islands,” DelMonico said. “However, not everyone has the space for this. If you don’t have the space for double islands, you can take part in this trend with a single island.”

Unpainted kitchen cabinets are trending.

Kitchen with green checkmark pointing to unpainted cabinets

More homeowners are opting for unpainted cabinets.Artazum/Shutterstock

Though painted cabinets aren’t expected to disappear, homeowners will make more decisions regarding which type of wood to use for a nice, unpainted look.

“I don’t think painted kitchen cabinets are going anywhere just yet,” Maggie Clarke, an interior stylist and designer, told Insider. “However, I’ve seen a definite trend in natural wood cabinetry.”

Double ovens might become a dated design choice.

Kitchen with red X pointing to double ovens

Double ovens can be a waste of space.Darryl Brooks/Shutterstock

This year, homeowners are expected to favor smaller appliances like instant pots and air fryers over space-consuming double ovens.

“Never has there been so many types of ovens, both portable and built-in,” Serra said. “Homeowners, especially those with medium to smaller kitchens, are rethinking double ovens in favor of one conventional oven plus a steam oven or other countertop and portable oven.”

Green will be a popular color choice.

Kitchen with green chairs and cabinets

Kitchens with green accents are projected to be a prominent design trend in 2022.Apinya Kurakhan/Shutterstock

Though accenting kitchens with pops of color isn’t new, more green will make its way into the design.

“Given that Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore colors of the year are both muted, dusty greens, I think we will see a lot of lighter and more nuanced greens,” said Libby Rawes, the principal designer for Sharp and Grey Interiors. “Green looks beautiful with hardwood floors or butcher-block countertops.”

Low backsplashes seem to be going out of style.

Backsplash in kitchen

Backsplashes should extend to the bottom of your kitchen cabinets.Berkay Demirkan

Low backsplashes have been trending for years, but they are losing popularity.

“Low backsplashes are falling out of favor as they don’t make sense,” DelMonico said. “They aren’t functional because they don’t protect the entire wall. They don’t make sense style-wise because they visually fall short.”

For homeowners who still want to incorporate a backsplash in their design, DelMonico suggests extending the design feature to the bottom of your cabinets or up to the ceiling around your stove’s hood.

Brass hardware might be losing its charm.

Red X pointing to brass faucet

Brass knobs and accents seem to be going out of style.Itsanan/Shutterstock

Though brass hardware has been trendy, touches of this metal may be going out of style.

“Brass hardware is going out,” said Marco Bizzley, an interior designer at HouseGrail. “People aren’t going to want to have them on pantry or shelving but instead are going to be replacing them with brushed nickel, glass, or stainless steel.”

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