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Marsai Martin’s New Design Series Remix My Space Premieres Jan. 15 on discovery+

Fans may know Marsai Martin from her role as Diane on black-ish, but the actress is also passionate about interior design. It’s something she showcases in her new discovery+ series Remix My Space with Marsai Martin.

The series follows Martin, carpenter Joanie Sprague and designer Tiffany Thompson as they undertake room renovations for exceptional young people.

“You know me from my roles in film and television and, yes, acting is great,” said Marsai. “But I’m really obsessed with design. A teen’s room should be their sanctuary, so I’m surprising amazing people who are doing incredible things for our world.”

HGTV has home renovation shows for every possible demographic, except young people, so it’s fascinating to see the network go after that group. We like it even better since working with Martin lets Black kids feel represented in a genre that doesn’t normally include them.

The recipients, who are doing great things for their communities, are nominated by friends and family. In usual HGTV fashion, they are surprised with the overhaul which will “create a breathtaking oasis reflective of each teen’s interests, individuality, personality and style.”

“The best part about remixing teens’ rooms—besides all the cool things I’m still learning about design—is that it helps them move into their future,” Martin continued. “These awesome people are so busy living their best lives and helping others that their sanctuaries get left in the past. I want to help them take care of themselves too.”

You can’t tell us you don’t get a little teary eyed when it’s time for the big reveal, and someone sees their favorite space in a whole new way.

The premiere features “15-year-old honor student Hayley, who created a successful match-up program that pairs seniors who need companionship with preschoolers.” Hayley gets “a breathtaking bedroom transformation reflecting her passion for ballet.”

Martin also spends time with the teens, so she can get to know them and their interests, which she then incorporates into their new rooms.

Go ahead and plan your binge now, because all 8 episodes of Remix My Space with Marsai Martin premieres Saturday, Jan. 15 on discovery+.

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