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Oak flooring advantages and disadvantages

Oak flooring advantages and disadvantages

Oak flooring is a popular choice these days. People can choose from a variety of colors, gradings, and types. So all of them can make their house look a little bit different than someone else. But, if you still are not sure about whether to get it or not, let us tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of oak flooring. Also, you may want to check oakstyle.lv oak flooring and decide if it fits your needs.

Let‘s start with advantages. Firstly, oak flooring resists almost all kinds of damage. Because of that, it needs very little maintenance. Also, that type of flooring is always popular and never goes out of trends. Do not forget the fact that oak is one of the strongest woods. So it‘s durable and long-lasting. Oak flooring can be planned into any budget because it is not expensive at all. But, like everything, it can also have its disadvantages. Firstly, it does not repair easily. Also, it tends to fade in direct sunlight for long periods. And, some of those floors can have very unnatural walking sound and touch feel. But in the end, it is only your decision.

Still not sure about whether you should choose oak flooring or not? Just think about how easy this choice is – it is kind of cheap, it always looks good and never goes out of trends, it is very durable and resists almost all types of damage. What else can you really need?