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GAMING LOFT is a gaming area in your house or building for the youth 

Games are what we all like to play . 90’s kids are the generation who knows every type of game whether it’s a playstation or ludo. There’s a reason why pool games and board games are popular because playrooms and parks are a thing. No matter what our age is, we all want to have fun at the very end of the day. We all have dreamt of having a game room. To make our dream perfect we just need to give it a little touch up by decorating it. 


It is a  recreated room for playing indoor games .Its a space created for games in a house or public buildings. We can establish a room by having fun games like pool, playstation and other board games. The gaming rooms are designed as per the players age. 


 Nowadays we are so tired with our work and we need to let our frustration steam out.

 The gaming room is the best space to do so. So , when we return  to our work space we  should be more productive in our work. 

 Another good reason , we all want to spend quality time with our family gaming room will not   just reduce your stress but also give you space to spend some good times with your family.



Designing a game room is wholly devoted to the love of playing games, using the chance to express yourself freely, indulging in mischievous wall art design, leisure , entertainment , and souvenirs.Even though the room will be filled with wires and other tech supplies, it should be convenient. You can’t hide your wires so make it a part of your decoration.

For playing games using the advanced or the most popular consoles, you will need chairs with good backbone or lumbar support.Other than that, there are still a lot of things that you need to think of buying to complete the room. Game room decor ideas should be well planned because your space(room) should be comfortable for your physical and mental wellbeing. 


  • Always consider the room size of the room because you have to be certain of the placement
  • Always find the perfect chair , because you have to spend hours in that. Your sitting should be very comfortable
  • Electricity installation is a major problem, the tangled wires spreading in the whole room will be a dangerous to you and even the room will look messy
  •  The lighting of a room is a very important part of the gaming room believe it or not. The lightning of the room should not be too bright ,it should be medium. You should install the light based on your preference


Playing games improves the brain performance and stimulates the brain to function at full tilt.

Games occasionally get commended or demonized. Besides ,gamings is a popular pursuit. Many have powerful and different viewpoints on the effects of games on the structure and activity of our brains.


A gamer’s room will never be completed without a gaming area or room, they have their own ideas and dream of how their room will look. For them it is very necessary to make it comfortable ,lively, lightning and furnished with the latest technology and different interior decor elements.

If your house is not able to give a proper room to the games you can have your way in the corners of the house and convert it into a gaming space. You just have to get some table and comfy chairs or sitting space where you can keep the computer and yourself  

Large or big houses can have a separate room for their games and consoles. You can have big comfy couches or sofas and bring your friends on weekends to have game night or day. Some gamers like to have big beds instead of sofas for playing. You also can have a small freezer for the sodas or snacks for your gaming period. 

Lights play a very important role in the ambience of any room and especially game rooms, shocking pink and blue light can make your room look galvanic. 

Games rooms are an escape room from your daily life stress, pressure and tightness. These people can decorate their room in such a manner that they can spend most of their  time there without having any rough patches. Some people also like to read while playing games, they can have separate cabinets for the books and magazines. If you don’t have enough space for your separate cabinet you can build a top shelf or drawers  in your gaming space. 

Each and every gamer has a variety of DVDs and other gaming stuff, to keep them organized and sorted it’s important to install drawers or shelves. Selection of furniture is not as easy as it seems, however it can be exciting and difficult simultaneously. 

No matter what ,the board games will never be out of fashion. Set up your home with good board games like chess , and that requires a minimal space in your room. For this you will require a minimal set up – a proper table for the board and some sitting arrangements like bean bag or timber bar stool to make the ambience perfect. Just throw some cushions and you are all set! 

Games like jenga, mahjong, rummy and poker works for you then you can have a classic ambience for your game room. Design of the room can be on wooden finishes for the essentials like table chair, you can give classic touch by adding a chandelier on the roof which will add a unique charm to the room. To keep your little ones busy you can install swings and elements like wall climbing.


Being a gamer keeping yourself fit is very necessary and is also a part of the game too, right?. We know how many times you missed your daily workout. So for keeping your workout regular you can install a gym too. Not only a game room design but also working out can be rejuvenation to you also.