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Porsche Design Launches Custom Watch for 911 Owners

From Car and Driver

  • A limited number of Porsche 911 buyers will soon be able to personalize a wrist watch to match their favorite sports car.
  • Porsche Design’s new line of custom timepieces offers more than 1.5 million different configurations.
  • The program will be available to U.S. buyers on September 1.

Porsche Design, the accessory manufacturing arm of Porsche, has been creating racy-looking watches for decades, but the company’s latest design is actually up to the buyer. The first ever truly custom Porsche watches will start at $6000 and go as high as $12,600 when they go on sale September 1. All of the watches in this limited run will offer a chronograph watch face but can be outfitted with either a leather or metal strap.

Photo credit: Porsche Design

Like building an ideal 911 sports car on the Porsche website, Porsche Design has created a customizing experience with an online configurator that offers more than 1.5 million different combinations of leather, stitching, metal trim, and even winding mechanisms that match the wheels of a buyer’s Porsche. After designing the ideal watch, the customer can forward the configuration to the local Porsche dealership where the order can be placed.

In the past, Porsche Design produced watches through partnerships with watch manufacturers, but in 2014 the company switched to a new in-house manufacturing process that allows for more unique designs. Leathers can be more easily matched to the car’s interior upholstery, and the 911’s signature font can be used for a closer tie-in with what’s parked in the customer’s driveway.

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