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The Art of Design: Get organized to organize your space | Siouxland Homes

Organization is an interior design’s best friend. Unsurprisingly, human perception is almost entirely visual, so why not make visuals the best they can be? To be sure, organizing is not extremely interesting; it’s up there with going to the dentist, for some. However, I enjoy making lemons into lemonade. So pour yourself a glass or two of wine, put your favorite music on and roll up your sleeves, because the task at hand is to organize. Your interior decor will thank you for it, and when you stand back you’ll feel your rooms are refreshed.

I had a friend who once came into my office and opened every desk drawer and closet — and nearly fainted. I am not the only one to blame, but most normal folks tend to shove everything out of site and into drawers, corners and under beds and sofas. Those can be valuable storage spaces, but how you go about it makes it right or wrong.

My first piece of advice is to go to a supply and container store and buy yourself a variety of plastic or wood containers or baskets, in multiples and in different sizes. This will make your closets and storage areas look visually organized and thought out.

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Curate your closet as if it were a display. Yes, this means getting rid of things you don’t wear, can’t wear or won’t wear — be realistic. Closets are a place to go soft: perhaps linen-covered boxes for seasonal items, special garments or shoes. Buying new and sturdy hangers is another way to organize your wardrobe. For those who have the patience, I recommend sorting your clothing by type, e.g., long-sleeve shirts, pants, shorts, jackets, suits, short-sleeve shirts. For those who are even more patient, you can sort those clothing types by color. It makes getting dressed easier.

Clear out that catchall closet and let’s create an office. Start by removing the door. Patch and paint the area where hinges once stood. Above the future desk area, place one or two shelves, which can be store-bought or custom-cut and stained in your desired shade. Add some corkboard to the back of the closet, which will now function as a bulletin board. The top of your desk can be a plywood board, covered in laminate or marble for a snazzier look. Add a rolling file cabinet and a desk chair and you’re well on your way to organizing your business, party invitations and monthly obligations. If there are electrical outlets nearby, a small desk lamp can provide lighting, and you can plug in all of your communication devices.

Finding extra space is always convenient when you’re organizing. Pretend you live on a boat: every inch of space matters. Underneath your bed and underneath your sofa are good places to store items if the goods are properly protected in containers with lids that can be opened and closed. And why not add a pair of skirted end tables for more storage? Any place can function as long as it’s organized — oh, and let’s not forget, visually appealing.

Joseph Pubillones is the owner of Joseph Pubillones Interiors, an award-winning interior design firm based in Palm Beach, Florida. His website is www.josephpubillones.com.


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