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The Black Interior Designers Network Launches Campaign on How to Be an Ally

Black Interior Designers Network

Tables—dining tables, bedside tables, end tables—take up a lot of every interior designer’s time. But it is only now that industry concern is being paid most to Black designers being denied a seat at the collective industry table.

To be sure, Black interiors designers have been talking for years about the challenges they’ve faced gaining access and getting exposure and the interior design industry has been called out before for its lack of diversity and, specifically, its exclusion of Black talent. So in an industry that celebrates trends, how do we make sure there that what’s happening now is translated into meaningful change?

The Black Interior Designers Network, a non-profit organization with a mission to highlight Black talent in an effort to land business development opportunities, has posted to its Instagram account a list of guidelines to advise companies on how they can become an ally to the Black design community.

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Read the full list here:

    • Stop Colorblindness
    • Challenge your counterparts to stand up and have the uncomfortable conversation about racism.
    • Stop denying your privilege and stating “All Lives Matter.”
    • Stop comparing your shopping experiences to those of black designers.
    • Stop discriminatory minimum account engagement.
    • Include black designers as expert voices.
    • Stop pushing Eurocentric design as a blueprint.
    • Donate to interior design organizations of color
    • Partner with interior design organizations of color.
    • Challenge your reps to reach out to more black designers in their region.

    Donate to the BIDN

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