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The Most Popular Hotel Interior Designs that Every Guest Love

Hotels give shelter to tourists for more or less than two days. But this does not mean that they should not be comfortable and homely. Hotels should have a good interior design to make their guests feel at home.

The goal of an interior design is to turn an ordinary hotel room into your guests’ temporary shelter. The following are the most popular hotel interior designs that every guest love.

Cool yet Breathtaking Lighting

Most of you would agree that visual art could be the framework for the hotel’s look. This is because these artworks could catch guest’s attention. That’s why a good masterpiece is essential to deliver a warm welcome to your guests.

Additionally, good lighting has also an important part of visual art. This is the reason most hotel lobbies feature lots of chandeliers. These chandeliers give hotels an atmospheric environment and extra beauty.

Good lighting has also an important part of visual art. This is the reason most hotel lobbies feature lots of chandeliers. These chandeliers give hotels an atmospheric environment and extra beauty. Good lighting alone can make your hotel have many positive reviews from your guests.

Lighting gives your guests a cozy feeling. But, did you forget its primary purpose? It is important as it allows your visitors to see things. Aside from installing a vanity mirror in the room, consider hanging a larger mirror over it. Make sure that it comes with proper lighting.

Take note your guests are always in a rush. That’s why giving them a specific area where they can get themselves ready is a must. You don’t want your guests to experience problems preparing themselves in low-lit areas.

Do not forget to add chairs to make them feel comfortable while preparing themselves.

Add Some Chairs

Chairs are also an important part of your hotel. It offers your guests more seating space. When placing a chair, you need to consider your hotel layout. Besides, make sure that your furniture, such as functional chairs, has the same color as the room.

Focus on Hotel’s Textures and Colors

Instead of focusing on your hotel’s pattern, why not shift your attention to its colors and textures? Remember, patterns are old and outdated. You don’t want to make your hotel look old and boring, don’t you?

You should do this from the very start—planning the layout of your lobby.

You can paint your hotel lobby with bold and bright hues. Take note, your choice of color will affect how your hotel will look like. Always opt for bright paints to brighten up your hotel space.

Choose a Perfect Focal Element

Most modern hotels feature central elements. A perfect focal element is good for catching your guest’s attention. You need to choose a focal element that is simple yet eye-catching. You may consider a fireplace or an art collection. Also, you may add accent chairs to some areas in your hotel to offer extra seating space.

Central elements can give hotel rooms “life.” It gives your guests the thought that something good happened in this area. This will inspire them to inquire about the story of your place.

Turn a Regular Hotel into a Luxurious One

The trend of giving your guests a “feels-like-home” feeling whenever they are in your hotel is new. But turning your hotel feel and look better than their home still has the crown. Every guest loves to stay in a hotel room with 5-star interiors. 

No matter how little the feeling of luxury in your hotel, it will stay in your guest’s mind for good. Because of that, they will return to your hotel.

Putting luxury into your hotel does not mean you need to spend a lot. Luxury is not equal to purchasing fancy artwork and over-expensive chandeliers. Luxury is all about comfort.

Even adding simple and comfy pillows to your hotel room can give your guests a luxury feeling. In this aspect, your fabric choice plays an important role. This means that you need to ensure that the upholstery, throw rugs, and blankets are soft and of high quality.

Do not forget to add luxurious chairs to each room.

Add a “Common” Space

You need to add a ‘common’ space to your hotel. This allows your guests to have time to walk outside and socialize with other guests. You may put several chairs in the area for the guests to sit on while talking.

Hotel interiors have communal areas including lounges, bars, and lobbies. Your guests will feel more special when they have a space to socialize and unwind.

A ‘common space’ improves socialization. Thus, it should feature bright colors and self-service bars. You can also add cozy seating and allow them to play games that would cause a good relationship.

Make Sure All are Balance

Balance is an essential principle to consider when making a hotel interior design.

The room decors of your hotel will vary depending on the style. Also, it should depend on the visual weight distribution in each hotel room.

Remember, creating a proper balance does not always mean making center points. It also means balancing the room decorations and furniture, such as chairs.

Give Attention to the Walls

Making your hotel look and feel good means starting with a good wall design. Take note your walls can change the entire illusion and atmosphere of the room.

When painting the walls, you need to consider the flooring and ceiling of the rooms. Paint them with a color that is lighter yet darker than the floor and ceiling.

When choosing paint, opt for the one that is easy to maintain and long-lasting. Since you will invest an enormous amount of money, make sure that you will make the best decision.

Final Thoughts

Every hotel owner wants the best for their guests. Consider the hotel interior designs mentioned above. If you want to build a modern hotel, ensure to remove outdated interior designs from your layout. Instead, try something new that would inspire and impress your visitors.