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Types of Multi-Channel Home Theaters You Should Know

Multi Channel Home Theater & Everything You Need To Know

If you want to replicate the entire cinema feeling, setting up a multi-channel home theater system is a perfect choice. You don’t need to troop to the cinema anymore as you have a mini-ground right in the comfort of your home.

However, there are many types of multi-channel home theater systems. Although you can rely on customer appraisal to choose a type of multi-channel home theater system, you need to still be aware of what options are available. This is because some types may not be suitable for your setting and other accessories like a home theater concession standneed to be considered too.

Thus, below are the types of multi-channel theater systems we have.

·         2.0 Stereo multi-channel home theater System

A 2.0 stereo multi-channel home theater system is easy to get up and running. It comes with twin sound stations located on each side of the entire system. It also includes two speakers that can be placed close to your TV. This multi-channel home theater will require a receiver or amplifier to enhance the speakers if it is not wireless.

This type of multi-channel home theater is compatible with other mobile gadgets. But the only downside is that you can’t add a subwoofer to the setup.

·         2.1 Stereo multi-channel home theater System

Just like the 2.0 type, this one also comes with two speakers to be stationed on either side of your television. But here, subwoofers are allowed. The two speakers are provided with different subwoofers. This will increase the quality of entertainment you are getting.

The only problem with the 2.1 Stereo multi-channel home theater system is that there are no surrounding speakers. The quality of sound derived is limited because of this.

·         5.1 multi-channel home theater System

The failing of the 2.1 type is corrected here. The surround system is made available which makes the 5.1 multi-channel home theater System one of the best and most commonly used. There are five speakers enhanced by subwoofers and the two speakers on either side do most of the sound direction duty.

One speaker is placed in the middle of the system, while the remaining two take up positions somewhere in the background. This entire setup gives you great sound quality.

And one great advantage of this type of theater system is that it has great compatibility with playstations and televisions. This makes it suitable for games and movies.

·         6.1 Multi-Channel Surround Sound Systems

This type of multi-channel system is more sophisticated than the 5.1 type. But here, there are six speakers. This will bring about an arrangement where three speakers are positioned in the front. This additional speaker makes the sound quality even better and more accurate.

 ·         7.1 Channel Surround Sound System

And a more sophisticated multi-channel system than the 6.1 type is the 7.1 channel surround sound system. This one comprises 7 speakers. And just like in the previous one, three speakers are positioned in front. The rear speakers sit on either side and have two surround channels.

The 7.1 channels are the upgraded version of the 6.1 system through an additional speaker. In your arrangement, you will have three speakers on the front, followed by the two surround speakers and the two rear channels, plus the subwoofer. The sound effect produced by this setup is remarkable.

·         10.2 Multi-channel Sound system

This is the most advanced of all the types of multi-channel home theater systems available. The setup comprises 12 speakers. You will have 5 speakers positioned in front. It is also enhanced with THX. The sound quality derived from this is next to none.


With the types of multi-channel home theater systems mentioned above, you will realize that the one you will go for depends on factors like budget and space. Thus, knowing the options available will make you choose accurately.