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What’s your holiday decor style? Find out what you need for 2020 with this guide by budget

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Though you might wait all year for the holidays, they still sneak up and require immediate preparation for the festivities to come. In years past, you might have prioritized gifts over decorating, but people are spending their time inside now more than ever, so making sure homes are holiday on-point has never been more important.

The prospect of a joyous holiday and having something wonderful to look forward to are what led famed entertainment television co-anchor and entrepreneur Giuliana Rancic and interior designer Lonni Paul to launch their august & leo line to the world this past spring. By combining their years of design and style experience and their shared love for the festive season, they created an affordable and chic seasonal decor collection for HSN ― with pieces ranging from $29.95 to $499.95. The shopping network is taking that attainable mindset to the next level by giving customers $20 off a single item over $40 for the holiday season with code HSN2020 (new customers only), so you can decorate in style and on budget.

“When creating our seasonal collection, we knew we wanted to put our own unique spin on it and bring a fun modern twist to traditional ‘holiday decor’ — think glitter and rhinestones,” says Rancic. “Holiday decor is a true reflection of one’s personal style, so we’ve created soft staple pieces for the minimalist, distinctive statement pieces for the more festive home and traditional pieces for everyone in between.”

And Paul is of the belief that the change of seasons is always the perfect time to change your home decor the same way you shift your clothing and the food and drinks you reach for. “The introduction of our seasonal decor line couldn’t have arrived at a better time, as we are all spending so much time in our homes this year,” she says. “I’m thrilled we can spread cheer with decor that will instantly revitalize your space and usher in the warmth and spirit of the season, regardless of your budget.”

So, if you’re already deep in thought about how to balance an already stretched budget with all your holiday gifts and a bit of seasonal decorating, Rancic and Paul have got you covered. Whether you’re a minimalist and only have $100 to dedicate, a holiday enthusiast who always gets into the season’s spirit or holiday-obsessed and decorating is a way of life, look to this list for gift picks that will turn your home into a holiday wonderland without breaking the bank.


There are just three key pieces the holiday minimalist should have, and that’s a tree and candles. Though there are so many decor items that usher in the holiday spirit, these two can do it on their own. This Fairy Light Pillar Candle duo is the epitome of elegance and you can use them in any room to really add that seasonal flair.

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And who says you have to go for a traditional tree? This mercury glass version features over a dozen LED lights, for a chic take on the holiday signature.

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You’ll be able to have both of these pieces for years to come, and you’ll then have a bit of money leftover to get other affordable decorative items like stockings and perhaps a holiday dessert or two.


If you’re already a big holiday fan, you likely have the essentials covered, so it’s really your time to incorporate standout pieces that make this specific season feel special and unique. Chances are you’ve had a few reindeer accents throughout the years, but you’ve likely never had metallic Glitter Covered Deer. They will make any room sparkle, whether that’s your living room near your main tree or even your nightstand that you’re looking to give a holiday makeover.

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Candles are also an integral part of holiday cheer, so adding this trio of Moving Flame Candles by Luminara are just the things to make the season (and every room) bright.

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Your main tree is all set, but holiday buffs must have at least one other tree to really drive home the holiday cheer. There are so many kinds and sizes this year, including this Warm White Light Glass pair that are super glam and make for great centerpieces. Another festive signature is a wreath, and this gilded version is just the thing to spark joy in your guests as they enter your home.

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To finish your holiday decor, we have one word for you: ornaments. We recommend hanging this Set of Six way up high to really get that floor-to-ceiling sparkle.


If you’re as obsessed with the holidays as we are, then you’re going all out for the next few months. There’s no decoration you won’t indulge in and no room that won’t be touched, so it’s all about new and exceptional accents to give a different flair from year-to-year.

Your candles will be a mix of real and flameless, including a standout Pillar duo and a Moving Flame trio. But one thing is missing from the mix that is incredibly special and seasonally appropriate: a reindeer-inspired Antler Candle Holder that will catch eyes and start conversation. This and virtually every décor piece on HSN can arrive at your home on FlexPay, so you can balance your holiday home revamp with the show stopping gifts for all the loved ones on your list.

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The tree is always a main focus, but for the holiday devotee it becomes trees, plural. The main tree will accent the room where presents are opened, but smaller trees will bring life to other rooms. Whether a glass version in silver or gold, a metallic duo presented together or apart or a glitter delight that will literally put the sparkle in the season, it’s go big or go home when it comes to trees.

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And once those mainstays are covered, it’s time to dazzle. Every room will have a holiday touch: even the bathroom. You can place Glitter Deer right in an empty bathroom corner and a Gilded Wreath on any door — not just the entrance. The ceiling also needs a bit of shine too, where ornaments can literally seem like they’re falling from the sky.

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There’s no better reason and no better year to go all-out and wrap yourself and your home in the season’s warmth.

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