September 21, 2023

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Woman’s bizarre home tour has TikTok users completely captivated

You might collect a few things — maybe memorabilia from your favorite sports team or stuffed animals or stamps or something of the like. But one TikTok user’s mom is a collector of collections.

Maya Goosmann shared a TikTok video of things in her family home that “don’t make any sense,” and it’s confusing to say the least.


my mom likes to collect things ##fyp##foryoupage##musicmatters##MakeMomSmile

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Notable items include a giant red ball with eyes that tower over a corner of the home — and roughly “a million” tinier versions littered all over shelves and other surfaces.

Credit: TikTok / gooseberryy

Goosmann told In The Know her mom became obsessed with the mascot, whose name is Pinnie, when she saw him on billboards in Austria.

“She reached out to the company and they started sending her a bunch of stuffed Pinnies and other stuff and they kept sending it over the years,” she said. “Pinnie basically became a part of our family because my mom is so attached to him … they sent us all of their Pinnie stuff.”

Goosmann’s mom is also a big fan of what she calls “balloon face,” so she has a collection of a number of statues puffing their cheeks out, as pictured below:

Credit: TikTok / gooseberryy

But it doesn’t stop there — she also has a framed collage of dozens of celebrities making the unusual face.

The collections go on and on throughout the video. Here are some other items that can be found in the family home, as explained by Goosman:

  • An ice cream sandwich pool float (they don’t have a pool)

  • A bunch of other ice cream sandwich stuff

  • A wall for wacky packages

  • Balloons everywhere, all over the house

  • A framed picture of gas stations

  • Giant mugs

  • Giant stuffed microbes

  • A million Rubik’s cubes

Credit: TikTok / gooseberryy

Other TikTok users were thrilled with the house tour.

“Ma’am this is a museum,” one commented.

“So there’s a lot to unpack here,” another said.

“This radiates such chaotic energy,” a third wrote.

Perhaps we’ll take up collecting and/or interior design, in the spirit of Goosmann’s mom, as our next quarantine hobby.

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