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WPS Foundation awards $50,000 to first responders through Rewarding Responders Grant

The WPS Foundation provides its Worthwhile Responders Grant each year to help law enforcement, fire, and unexpected emergency professional medical solutions (EMS) companies obtain lifesaving machines or significant teaching for their customers. Among the this year’s recipients is the Coleman Fireplace Office, which gained new firefighting experience masks for its firefighters.

Other northern Wisconsin grant recipients include things like the Pound Fireplace Office, Minimal River Hearth Office, Twin Bridge Rescue Squad, and the Wagner Fire Department.

Grants enable hundreds of Wisconsin communities. Due to the fact the plan began in 2014, the WPS Basis has awarded more than $400,000 to assistance almost 230 businesses improve general public safety in Wisconsin.

To get a grant, emergency response organizations will have to run in the WPS provider location and need to demonstrate the products or training they would like to acquire is part of a very well-prepared community safety initiative. Grants also could be used to fund protection-linked jobs that are exceptional, just one-time efforts.